a few good things from a bad bad day

Ten things I learned today:

1. I am proficient enough in Portuguese to read a package and prepare Brazillian baked goods. And it doesn't matter if I am the only person interested in eating them.

2. Coffee at 10pm gives me a headache.

3. Emergency surgery on a male dog may neccesitate the shaving of said dog's private areas making them much more visable–thanks mom!

4. 'It is not personal' is a very good thing to keep in mind when other people's issues create a kink in your day, month, year, whatever.

5. Wikipedia defines goatee thusly: In the traditional taxonomy of facial hair, a goatee is a beard formed by a tuft of hair on the chin–gross!!! In my opinion, tufts of hair are most appropriate on other areas (see # 3).

6. Reading excessive amounts of Jane Austen and accompanying literary criticism encourages one to use words such as 'thusly.'

7. Security and insecurity are intertwined, unpredictable and uncontrollable feelings.

8. Sometimes, in Australia, many many whales beach themselves, and former boyfriends try to save them.

9. A tiny pothole can eventually implode revealing a massive gouge in the earth that requires 2 weeks, 10 men and numerous huge steal beems to repair. A metaphore for life I suppose.

10. Having someone to talk to, in a community that shares your values, in other words, really being heard, is of paramount importance to personal sanity. See, reading all that Austen eventually pays off.

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