comfort food

Today, a recipe. Because I've been feeling crappy and have been reading about food. The Julie/Julia blog to be more specific. I saw the movie last weekend and have been thoroughly obsessed ever since. Not so much with the food, although it all looks delicious, but with the writing, or rather with the idea that a blog turned into a book that turned into a movie-that people loved. Anyways back to the recipe.

I've found a new comfort food, if that is not an oxymoronic concept. New comfort food. Or rather, beverage.  Queimadinha (kay-ma-gene-ya; the word literally translates to "a little burnt"). My husband made this for me a few months ago when I had a bad day. It was something his mother used to make him. I stood beside the stove watching as the sugar caramelized and went hard insisting he wasn't doing it right. But, and here is the best part, I was wrong. This drink is magic. 
1. enough white sugar to coat the bottom of a small saucepan (2 or 3 tbsp I guess)
2. enough milk to fill whatever mug you choose (or soymilk if you are, like me, reeling with a head full of snot/phlegm/general grossness you don't feel like adding to. sorry that was yucky for a recipe. milk tastes better in this recipe but you can use soy too if need be, try to get a rich unsweetened one).  
Turn the stove burner on high. Take the smallest saucepan you can find and dump the sugar in. Set the pan on the stove.
Wait. Get out a spoon but don't stir. Really, it's tempting, but don't. 
Get out the milk. 
Wait. No stirring! Just watch.
All of a sudden the sugar starts to melt. Then it all liquifies. Then it starts to burn turning blond, then carmel, then nearly brown. Be poised with the milk. 
Right before the sugar turns a dark brown dump the cold milk in. The liquid sugar hardens immediately and sticks to the bottom of the pan and you think you've messed up. Nope. This is the magic. Just pry the sugary mass from the pan with your spoon and stir slowly for a few seconds. The sugar melts again and viola! Queimadinha. You probably can't spell it, but now you get to drink it. 
Pour it into your mug. Extra points if it is a Teddy Bears iceskating mug, and there you have it. A steaming hot cup of pure comfort. Sure to easy a crying spell, settle a nervous stomach, quiet a racing mind, or make having a terrible head cold on a Saturday just a little less shitty. 

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