anything is possible

Did you know how very easy it is to make butter? I am amazed at how many things I regularly purchase can be grown, built, made or otherwise concocted at home. I have no idea why am so completely obsessed with doing it myself right now, but currently I'm working on:

-Extracting the essential oils from the huge bushel of mint I harvested from my garden. Once I have done this, I have twice as much lemon verbena to work on. Sebastian is particularly interested in this project as it may involve the purchase of a basic chemistry kit. Although, in researching on the web I found that drying the herb, packing it tightly in a jar and soaking it in alcohol that is safe to consume will also help to separate some of the oil from the plant. Then you strain and freeze. The alcohol doesn't freeze and the essential oil does. Voila!

-Also using said mint and lemon verbena to make some herbal tea.

-Getting ahold of some raw organic cocoa butter and shea butter to make my own lip balm and lotions–using the oils ^ of course.

-Making a pumkin pie from the pumpkins I grew this summer.

Is this just procrastination because I have so much school work I should be doing? Maybe, but if you're on my Christmas list, you may benefit.

And by the way–if you have a mixer, a great big one, or a hand-held one, or a food processor that you no longer need or want–please donate to the cause…..

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