lit mags

Last year I subscribed to Tin House. The first issue, a special feature called Fantastic Women was amazing. I don't think I've ever seen so much freaking awesome writing collected in so few pages before. And the cover art was equally astounding. They want me to renew of course, but the final issue in my subscription Hope/Dread pissed me off. Apparently dread equates somehow to tales of narcissistic male sexual conquests. Annoying.

So though I enjoyed Tin House, and their cover art for the latest issue really makes me want to get my sweaty little hands on it, I'm allotting my subscription bucks to Glitter Train this year. It is published by two woman who run a small press, and try to read everything they receive, and it apparently contains no advertising. It is over 200 solid pages of short fiction. I'm pretty psyched to receive my first issue. 

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