word collecting

Word of the Day for Monday, January 28, 2013

word-hoard \WURD-hawrd\, noun:

A person’s vocabulary.

Word-hoard first occurred in modern English in the 1890s. It was a literal translation of the Old English word wordhord which meant “a store of words.”

three kinds of things

But hear what your Grace does not know. In the sea there are three kinds of things: those at the bottom, lagan; those which float, flotsam; those which the sea throws up on the shore, jetsam.

— Victor Hugo, The Man Who Laughs

day seven

The mentally alert person is not content to live merely from day to day, completely circumscribed by such things as food, money, clothing, and entertainment. Occasionally [s]he is tempted to speculate on why [s]he is living and on what the controlling forces of his[her] life are.

-Dr. Wilfred Funk and Normal Lewis in 30 days to a More Powerful Vocabulary (1954 edition)

Occasionally? Ha. So, what is the word for that then?