midst of wonder

At eighteen, in his dreams he saw himself plodding through jungles, chinning up the ledges of cliffs, wandering through the romantic waste places of the world. No man with any of the juices of boyhood in him has forgotten those dreams. the peculiar thing about Everett Ruess was that he went out and did the things he dreamed about, not simply for two-weeks’ vacation in the civilized and trimmed wonderlands, but for months and years in the very midst of wonder…

Wallace Stegner in Mormon Country

Love this ^, but as a side note: So glad to have read Wild, by Cheryl Strayed before reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. While shopping at Half Price Books last weekend, after searching the Travel section, I asked an employee if they had Into the Wild and he said, “oh, yeah, it’s in Sports Adventure Travel.” Sports Adventure Travel. I guess that is what I’m into. It’s men, men, men, in Sports Adventure Travel. While I am loving this book, and about to read a few Jack London books, I am more than a little disappointed by how male dominated these stories are. I did pick up a few women-centered travel adventure books, from the regular Travel section, though. I’ll have to read them in between the menbooks to remind myself that you don’t have to have a penis to wander the romantic waste places.


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