piacular recompense

Word of the Day for Wednesday, February 8, 2012

piacular \pahy-AK-yuh-ler\, adjective:

1. Expiatory; atoning; reparatory.
2. Requiring expiation; sinful or wicked.

…and this high-ranking Greek guy actually came around to 1009 after Saturday’s supper to apologize on behalf of practically the entire Chandris shipping line and to assure me that ragged-necked Lebanese heads were even at that moment rolling down various corridors in piacular recompense for my having had to carry my own bag.
— David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Things I’ll Never Do Again

Excellent vocab from yesterday. I love a word that is defined by other words I have to look up. Though you’ll never see a phrase like piacular recompense in my writing, I appreciate how DFW can make it work.


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