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Had not the best of days. But, I came home to a present in my mailbox. In a hand addressed (!) envelope, my copy of trnsfr magazine. I just ordered it last week. Without having read a word of this journal, I already love it because they send things quickly, they address envelopes in such cute writing, and it is clearly assembled with lots of tlc. I want to eat it. I took a few pictures just to be a dork.

Ok, this is the cover. Inside that little flap is the opening few lines of J.A. Tyler’s story. A teaser. (Also featured in this picture, my dog cuddling the new Wilco album. It was so good he had to nap really hard after listening.)

There are half a dozen postcards bound in between the other fiction. They each tell a compressed life story by Michael Kimball. Also, see that little birdie on the right? That is one frame from a flip movie. This thing is chock full of goodies.

Tucked inside the back flap is a broadside–“Snowfall” by Paul Maliszewski–a story comprised of letters addressed “Dear President Bush.”

trnsfr No.3. Super cool. Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure the fiction is even cooler than the assembly. (I want to do something like this online and in print. Beth? Are you listening?)


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