When a Wesleyan student wrote an article comparing Wellesley and Wesleyan, two schools that are, according to said student, “often confused with each other due to their similarity in nomenclature,” she, along with the editors at the Wesleyan Argus, were obviously not ready for the (inevitable, duh) backlash that trying to stereotype and undercut Wellesley women, or the women’s college experience in general would produce. The article has been removed from the Argus website and replaced with the author’s response to her readers. I’m sorry I missed it. I’m even sorrier that I missed reading all the comments that lead to the paper removing the article. Wellesley women are fierce! That is a generalization I am happy to stand behind.

Deciding to go to Wellesley is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in life, if not THE best. Instead of elaborating on that, I’m going to link to a Jezelbel article, where Margaret Hartmann explains more eloquently than I could how fucking awesome it is to be a student at Wellesley or any women’s college. I am beyond lucky to be a member of such a supportive and influential network of women who believe in women.


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