Isn’t she gorgeous? I’m so lucky to have this person on my team. The older I get and the more I experience in life, the more I realize what a truly unique person my mom is. When I call her with a problem, she often tells me that she made a lot of mistakes in her life. I don’t buy that though, seriously.

My mom had my sister and I in her early twenties, a time in my life when I still hadn’t developed proper grooming skills (no, really, I brushed my hair so seldom that the underneath was a big disgusting tangled mass). At 24, she had two babies and a full time job. I just can’t even fathom doing that myself. Now, at 29, I’m starting to feel like I’m a big enough human to possibly at some point, care for a child, maybe. I have no idea how she did it. To me this is proof my mom is fearless. This, along with the fact that she jumped behind the wheel of a car in Budapest and took on the mess of traffic whenever we asked to go the movies, or that she completely reinvented herself in her 40s, or that she’s been bugging me to get a tattoo with her. The best thing about her fearlessness is that it’s balanced. My mom dreams big, but she’s down to earth. She loves her kids, but has always encouraged us to be independent. She has strong opinions but she never ever judges me.

She pretty much the only person in my life who can say “everything is going to be fine” and I actually believe her. Talking to her is like a salve. And she’ll interrupt her peaceful vacation to call and listen to me cry.

Today I’m thanking the universe for my unbelievable luck.


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