things will only get bitter*

I must be maturing. I’m starting to really like whiskey. (Could swiss cheese be next? ick, please.) After a $13 Manhattan at a Pittsburgh (yes, Pittsburgh!) bar I decided two things: 1. that bartender knows how to make a sublime drink, and 2. I’m not paying him $13 every time I want a great Manhattan.

Luckily, I think I remember the recipe:

Eagle Rare Bourbon
Pomegranate Molasses
Ginger—something? probably bitters.
One poor lonely cherry

Coincidentally, I just found out that my friend Mike is experimenting in making his own bitters. Cool. I love making my own. The guys at Drink Dogma have laid out everything I need to know to get started, and then some. It takes a few weeks, so next month I expect everyone at my house with a bottle of their favorite whiskey and big fat cigars.** Now I just have to find some pomegranate molasses.


*title is in reference to a very funny post on the site, damn you autocorrect

**totally joking about the cigars. I don’t want my house smelling all stodgy. Pipes would be okay. Pipes smell like my grandpa. Also okay to bring would be food classy enough to eat with Manhattans, cute girls in cocktail dresses, and poetry you plan to spontaneously perform.


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