fiction on demand

As a final project and tribute to Chuck Kinder, my fictioneer pals and I put together an anthology of stories we workshopped this semester. Beth Steidle did the actual putting together, then printed it on the University of Pittsburgh’s new Espresso Book Machine. So now it’s a real live book you can actually purchase and have printed right before your eyes. Rumor is the machine is clear, so you can watch the whole process. A definite win for books.

Included in the collection are stories by:
katie coyle
julie draper
steve gillies
chris lee
kate moffett
dovBer naiditch
jacob spears
beth steidle
travis straub
with an introduction by allison amend.

If you know any of these writers, you’ll want to prove in ten years that you knew us way back when, so contact me and I’ll help you buy a copy. Eight bucks for fresh fiction. I doubt you’ve seen a better deal. Plus, our book is seriously snazzy.



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