I came home before my husband tonight, something that rarely happens and I walked into a terrifying scene. My dog had destroyed two new door frames, mangled the handle to one of the doors so badly that I can't get it open, and pulled things off tables to rip them apart. He was whining and crying and a complete mess. It breaks my heart. To see that he is so uncomfortable that he inflicts physical harm on himself is scary and very sad. His nose is all red because we think he must have pulled something off the table that smashed on his head. It is getting worse and worse. He starts to shake now when I get into the shower. It used to be that we left him alone every day and 4 out of 5 he would be fine and even when he went a little nuts, he only chewed one thing. Now it seems that he is crazy and panicked the whole time we are gone. Even once we are home he can't relax. We are going to try the plug-in thing that is supposed to release a calming smell, but after that, we have nothing left. I guess dogs can take anti-depressants but I am not sure that is right. I know that I tried them for 3 days and felt horrible like I wanted to rip my own skin off. Is that a decision I should make for my dog. I know, you might think, it is just a dog, but honestly anyone who thinks that has never lived with and cared for a dog. He's not just my dog, and it's silly, but really it is not, he is this totally nobel animal who wants nothing more than to spend all his time with me and for us to be calm and happy together and I am forcing him to be locked up home alone, scared, actually terrified. It makes me cry. I know what it feels like, that horrible feeling and it is certainly not a good or fair way to go through life. There isn't anything I can do though. I can't stay home with him, I can't bring him with me, and I am trying but I just can't get him to calm down.

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