I started this blog last summer for myself mainly, because time at home cozied up with my physical journal seems to be getting scarce. A few months ago I would never have considered sharing the link with anyone (ask my mom—she begged), but if I want to make a career as a writer, sharing even my personal writing is something I need to get used to. Reading blogs of friends in writing programs has made me slightly more comfortable making this blog public, but Vox has an option for making each post private, and I may have done that to some of what existed here previously. So, even though some of my most personal stuff is secreted away, sharing this link is a start for me. Read, enjoy (or not, or get bored, think I’m petty, or a dork, whatever) and please comment if you have something to say. I will try to get back to posting things I am willing to share more regularly.

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