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Word of the Day for Friday, March 15, 2013

furl \furl\, verb:

1. to gather into a compact roll and bind securely, as a sail against a spar or a flag against its staff.
2. to become furled.

1. the act of furling.
2. something furled, as a roll.

How I am with books

It’s frustrating. When I find the book I want I crack it open like to devour it demanding tell me all your everything right now the juicy bits the stuff the meat the what I’m here for. And once I’ve read that part ravenous and quick so I’m dizzy, I’m done and the rest is a let down a slough a mindless turning of pages to say I’ve read the whole thing because that is what you are supposed to do. An unsatisfying process, most of it anyways. I want to sit down, open up, fall in, slowly, with restraint, reading into and between, absorbing. But that is not how my mind works. It’s not a ballad, it’s a wrecking ball.


Blue was like a crazed person. Blue was, to me, a crazed person. He galloped furiously, as if he were being ridden, around and around his five beautiful acres. He whinnied until he couldn’t. He tore at the ground with his hooves. He butted himself against his single shade tree. He looked always and always toward the road down which his partner [Brown, the mare] had gone. And then, occasionally, when he came up for apples, or I took apples to him, he looked at me. It was a look so piercing, so full of grief, a look so human, I almost laughed (I felt too sad to cry) to think there are people who do not know that animals suffer.

-Alice Walker in the essay Am I Blue? 1986

I am so sick of people telling me which animals I am allowed to sympathize with and which are dirty, diseased, and unworthy of humane treatment. That logic is so fucked up.

And I don’t have to write any more about it because Amber already said it in an essay about the mice we fumbled through evicting from our kitchen.

miss bike miss

When I am at work without my bike, I am very uncomfortable. Having taken the bus to work today makes me antsy. I guess I need that ride in the morning to be tired enough to sit in this chair all day. And I certainly need it afterwards.